The Herbal Bar

Our designer was putting a great amount of attention in the details during the designing stage. Where was the best place for putting up the unit number, what was the appropriate size for the signboard so customers can read afar, guidelines a restaurant needed to adhere to and facilities to install in the kitchen were just part of the considerations.

Besides compliance, design which enabled productivity was our goal. Despite clients has provided input to our designer about how they usually worked, segmenting a kitchen into few areas to prepare food, wash ingredients and used utensils has became another important design thinking process. Continue reading “The Herbal Bar”

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Hager Singapore

Hager Singapore project was the first showroom project for our designer in-charge. Our role was to stimulate and set up their “Smart Hotel” experience room. It was an invaluable experience working on the interior design portion as well as the infrastructure component, which has taken up significant part of the whole project.

Who Is Hager Singapore?

First of all, let’s have a brief introduction of who is Hager Singapore and what is their core business. Continue reading “Hager Singapore”

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Eastland Produce @ The Adelphi

Cheapest quote does not guarantee us getting a project awarded. We emphasize on value we can deliver instead of competing on price.

Not all layout first proposed by clients will be accepted blindly without us analyzing and proposing a better solution. Although we will respect our clients’ final decisions, we are always delighted to see that our proposed revisions on the original clients’ layouts are appreciated. Continue reading “Eastland Produce @ The Adelphi”

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CPAS Orange Garden Cafe

Designing and constructing Orange Garden Cafe was our first project with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS).

Orange is CPAS’s corporate colour. The cafe was built besides a newly constructed small greeny garden and thrift shop. It is located within the existing canteen where CPAS’s clients are having their meals. By serving external customers such as caregivers or walk-in diners, who come to the cafe for cakes, pastries or beverages, the operation provides a way of making livelihood to CPAS’s clients. Continue reading “CPAS Orange Garden Cafe”

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