Eco-friendly Paint and Wallpaper, the Sustainable Interior Design

Photo by Mark West on Unsplash

We have talked about the importance of office lighting in our earlier blog. Now, we shall talk about how to use eco-friendly paint and wallpaper as ones of the many interior design elements. If we use them correctly, they can contribute to good office lighting while being green.

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Wood, the Sustainable Interior Design Material

Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

When we are talking about sustainability in interior design, there are many ways we can apply our creativity to maximise the applications. From acoustic panel, lighting, flooring, furniture, kitchenware to decoration, we use wood to achieve this goal. Wood adds warmth and an inviting feel to homes and offices. It is one of the most popular sustainable materials used in interior design.

We are not talking about chopping down 100 years old gigantic treasurable trees to make high end furniture. So, what is that about? Let’s dive in to see what are those sustainable wood materials we can use to create a loving workspace.

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We Are Relocating to the New Office

New office in the final stage of setting up.

By the grace of God, we had ridden out the storm of COVID-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic was a great blow to many industries since 2020, and the construction industry is no exception. Despite all the challenges and uncertainties, we have been awarded with new projects from non-profit organizations, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). We have also achieved an unexpected milestone in term of project quantum.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2021

As opposed to the previous Chinese New Year breaks, thing was slightly different for this time around. Instead of having some employees gone back to the neighbourhood countries to celebrate the festival with their loved ones, all of us have to stay in the country because of the COVID-19. Although face-to-face meetings are irreplaceable by virtual gatherings, the amazing technological advancements have nonetheless enabled spontaneous and economical connections between people. Continue reading “Happy Chinese New Year 2021”

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Going Whoa @ WOHA Architects

Going Whoa @ WOHA Architects
Not-so-usual lift buttons.

This is a mechanical sleight of hand, or is it a visual illusion? There is a flight of stairs, and then there isn’t – the steps vanish, flattening to a smooth, level surface. You see it happen, you understand, in an intuitive way, how it works, and still it seems magical.

DPA got to know about a certain firm’s custom-designed office for one of its staff who has a disability. We reached out to them for a chat and to take a look. This was how, one sunny morning, WOHA Architects came to play gracious hosts to us at its premises. Continue reading “Going Whoa @ WOHA Architects”

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