Protect Yourself Against Infectious Microbes

While most of the companies are doing their best to protect employees and customers from infectious microbes such as COVID-19 by engaging external party to disinfect their premises, we expect some companies are looking for solution which allows them to self-disinfecting their own offices.

If you are one of those entities, we are pleased to introduce you our KliqueCare NanoEcoShield™ I-Care package. Applying the disinfectant yourselves is very simple, the only tool you need is just a spraying bottle although we were demonstrating using a portable spray gun in our video.

Steps applying:

1. Pour in the disinfectant into a spraying bottle.
2. Spray a thin layer of disinfectant onto clean and dry surfaces.
3. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the area to dry.
4. Resume your operation.

Things to note:

1. Do not dilute the disinfectant because it is already a ready-to-use formula. Further diluting it can reduce its efficacy.
2. Clean and dry surface before spraying. The anti-viral, bacterial and mildew (mould) effect can not form or last long if surface is dusty, full of debris or wet.

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