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• productivity, wellbeing, hope and love •
Our environment and surrounding can certainly impact us physically, psychologically and emotionally. An excellent design is not merely aesthetically pleasing. It should possess the ability of improving productivity, uplifting wellbeing, elevating sense of hope and love. It has the capability of transforming every detail which is annoying and emotionally overwhelming into a vibrant and positive energy.

We are focusing on (work)space design and uplifting for social service organizations and commercial firms with the principles of Universal Design in mind and in compliance with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Code for Accessibility.

We apply design thinking approach to tackle ill-defined or unknown problems in a human-centric ways. It allows us to understand and empathize with our users, challenge assumptions and redefine problems. This design thinking process serves as a mean to grapple with the rapid changing environment, behavior and social landscape.

We are a team of passionate interior designers with a mission to create inclusive space through our innovations and specialty.


• reliability and availability •
The success of a project relies on precise and effective workflow management and high level of coordination among stakeholders.

Project complexity, risks and costs can be greatly reduced with accountable project management team who is able to consistently deliver desirable results, especially for larger project which involves multiple stakeholders. We understand how project tasks are interdependent with each other. Our easily accessible cross-trained project management team strives to ensure project runs and completed on time and in accordance with compliance requirements.

Reliability and availability are our promises to clients.


• functions that are well built to last •
A well designed interior and craftsmanship in the furniture & fixtures should coexist. We know what differentiates a great craftsmanship from the mediocre or the just-above-average. It is all about the amount of attention, care and passion that we put in every details that make a huge difference in the end results.

Backed by a team of skilled craftsmen, we bring your idea to life by uplifting a space into a functional and artistically pleasing environment with quality works. We strive to create a space which exhibits our commitment towards durability, safety and user-friendliness. We are committed to foster a reputable relationship with our clients, and our clients with their community.

We dedicate ourselves to design and construct functions that are built to last. We inspire and develop the workspace of tomorrow.

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