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Hager Singapore project was the first showroom project for our designer in-charge. Our role was to stimulate and set up their “Smart Hotel” experience room. It was an invaluable experience working on the interior design portion as well as the infrastructure component, which has taken up significant part of the whole project.

Who Is Hager Singapore?

First of all, let’s have a brief introduction of who is Hager Singapore and what is their core business.

With over 9500 dedicated employees worldwide, and an innovative, carefully structured product range, Hager is one of the leading international manufacturers of electrical distribution systems.

Hager has several manufacturing sites in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK and has an established marketing network throughout the world, serviced by Hager subsidiary companies.

The Aesthetically Pleasing Elements

Our designer adopted fine lighting fixtures similar to those in the art gallery to preserve the look and feel our clients pursuing. These lighting not only featured soft illumination which was comfortable to our vision but also able to highlight the visual art in the premises at the same time. The distance between lighting fixtures and objects was carefully planned so the brightness and shadow created can have a pivotal effect on the end result clients desired.

We answered questions that some printers might not be able to advise, that was to use matte or glossy finish on visual art print that was placed on acrylic. The glossy finished visual art print could result in “watermark” imprinted on acrylic after just a few days was the tips we can share with you here, so go for matte finishing if you are confronted with the same dilemma we were facing.

Our next mission was to conceal every visible joining of structures that were pieced together, even though that made our designer to work with the painter until 4am the next day.

Infrastructure That Upholds Hager’s Branding

Using iPad as the remote controlling device for a gigantic television and projector that were located far apart, the configuration involved complicated set-up and tricky fine-tuning.

The key challenge for the project was to integrate their energy management console with the DALI light fitting in the market. We went to more than ten suppliers to get the right fits, i.e. who not only knew about DALI but the expert! The designer and the team have zero-tolerance against lapse because of incompatibility of low flicker light-emitting device and the network-based controlling system. We were committed to perfection.

Ideal End Result Necessitate The Human-Centric Design

Many human-centric designs are related to common details which can impact the outcome significantly if they are not addressed carefully. An object can give different visual experiences for people of different height is one great example which often easily overlooked.

We uphold our vision and mission strongly. We believe creating a space emphasizes on human-centric design can truly reflect our professionalism in this industry.

Experience a “walk-through” at Hager Singapore with our virtual tour. Click here to start your tour.

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