CPAS Orange Garden Cafe

CPAS Orange Garden Cafe

Designing and constructing Orange Garden Cafe was our first project with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS).

Orange is CPAS’s corporate colour. The cafe was built besides a newly constructed small greeny garden and thrift shop. It is located within the existing canteen where CPAS’s clients are having their meals. By serving external customers such as caregivers or walk-in diners, who come to the cafe for cakes, pastries or beverages, the operation provides a way of making livelihood to CPAS’s clients.

CPAS Orange Garden Cafe is a relatively straightforward project other than we have to understand their requirements including needs for accessibility and the relatively short period of time for completion. The cafe has to be ready to use once the Special Education School re-open and we managed to hand over the cafe to them one week before the deadline.

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