Going Whoa @ WOHA Architects

Going Whoa @ WOHA Architects
Not-so-usual lift buttons.

This is a mechanical sleight of hand, or is it a visual illusion? There is a flight of stairs, and then there isn’t – the steps vanish, flattening to a smooth, level surface. You see it happen, you understand, in an intuitive way, how it works, and still it seems magical.

DPA got to know about a certain firm’s custom-designed office for one of its staff who has a disability. We reached out to them for a chat and to take a look. This was how, one sunny morning, WOHA Architects came to play gracious hosts to us at its premises. Continue reading “Going Whoa @ WOHA Architects”

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Inclusion: What Does It Really Mean for People With Disabilities?

Inclusion What Does It Really Mean for People With Disabilities

In Singapore, the term “inclusion” gets thrown around a lot when we talk about how people with disabilities should be treated in our society. You can see this term almost everywhere, from ministerial speeches, campaign slogans to companies motto. But what does “inclusion” really mean?

Most would paint a general idea of inclusion and say something along the lines of “including people with disabilities equally and fairly in society”. But this begs the question. We all have divergent, even contesting, views on what constitute “fairness” and “equality”. Continue reading “Inclusion: What Does It Really Mean for People With Disabilities?”

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The Four Popular Office Design Styles You Should Consider

The office design styles and their popularity are different across countries. Many are well accepted universally. Whether they are contemporary or retro, each of them must have their elements embedded strongly into the design so the intended style can stand out clearly. Among these design styles, what are the four popular ones you should consider?

The Four Popular Office Design Styles

Industrial Style

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Continue reading “The Four Popular Office Design Styles You Should Consider”

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What Is a Breakout Area for Office?

What Is a Breakout Area for Office?
Quiet room, greenery corner, bistro style or a Star Wars theme breakout area supports different objectives. Photo by Michael Browning on Unsplash

A breakout area is an informal space in the office for employees to carried out activities, usually in a more relaxing setting. It is a comfortable space equipped with furniture and fittings that are usually different from the common working area so to create an ambience that is refreshing and stimulating to the users. Find out how stimuli in the workplace can affect work performance here.

Quiet room, greenery corner, bistro style or a Star Wars theme breakout area supports different objectives. Hence, the management should first identify what purpose they want the breakout area to serve before adopting the design, furniture, fittings, appliances and technologies (read: The Importance of Office Furniture). Generally, a breakout area is equipped with flexible furniture, writable wall, interactive flat panel, easily-accessible healthy food and located near to the windows for better natural lighting and outdoor scenery. Continue reading “What Is a Breakout Area for Office?”

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Personalizing Workplace Drives Employee’s Engagement

Personalizing Workplace for Better Employee's Engagement
Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

When we talk about personalizing workplace, what can you think of? A workstation full of plush toys, executive room with an indoor water fountain or an adjustable laptop desk? Yes, all these are considered personalized workplace/workstation. According to research, personalizing workplace can improve employee’s engagement and identity affirmation (source: Journal of Personnel Psychology [ERA 2015, 2018 Journal(s) Listed]). So, what are the easy-to-do workplace personalization? We are happy to share a few tips with you.

Continue reading “Personalizing Workplace Drives Employee’s Engagement”

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