6 Milestones for Safe Return to Work

6 Milestones for Safe Return to Work
6 Milestones for Safe Return to Work Infographic. Click here to view/download the PDF copy.

Step 1: Uncleared Dorm/Block
Employer can check indicative forecast of dorm/block clearance on MOM’s website.

Step 2: Testing Till Dorm/Block Is Cleared
A. Only for dorms with high infection rates, stay 2 to 4 weeks in dorm after blood test.
B. Stay 2 to 4 weeks in isolation facility within/outside dorm after swab test.
C. Further blood/swab test(s) till worker is COVID-cleared.

Step 3: Dorm/Block Declared COVID-Cleared
Swab test negative or recovered workers will reside in covid-cleared dorm/block.

Step 4: Action Completed by Dorm Operator

    • Implement Safe Living Measures at dorm. E.g. No inter-mixing, safe distancing measures.
    • Implement staggered pick-up/drop-off times with employers from different companies.
    • Update MOM on the latest Dorm Nominal Roll

Step 5: Actions Completed by Employer

Step 6: Actions Completed by Worker
All dorm residents must:

    • Dowmload and register FWMOMCare, TraceTogether and SGWorkPass
    • Report health status and address daily in FWMOMCare (scan Safe@Home QR Code)

Source: Ministry of Manpower

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