The Differences Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

The Differences Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator
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Interior designer, a term we commonly heard, is often mistakenly used to name the job title of an interior decorator. The main difference between interior designer and decorator is the former is professional practitioners qualify to work on a construction project involving structural change, planning and renovation of interior spaces. Whereas the latter is personnel who work on the aesthetic and style components of a project. Interior decorator does not have to go through the conventional interior design education and examination to be a decorator.

Their responsibilities differ in many other areas too. In general, interior designer can execute decoration works but not another way around. Hence, we have listed down the roles and capabilities for interior designer and decorator to help you determine types of service you need.

Interior Designer

    • The interior design process is a systematic procedure involving analysing and understanding clients’ needs and integrate technical elements with creativity, innovation and aesthetics.
    • Space plan in accordance to business operation, process, traffic flow and managerial hierarchy needs.
    • The space designed in compliance with codes and regulatory requirements such as safety, environmental, sustainability and/or accessibility codes.
    • Provision of project management services.
    • Interior designer works closely with architect, contractor, electrical engineer, plumbing technician and other specialists from the related industries.

Interior Decorator

The expertise of an interior decorator is beautifying a space with the right colours of paint, suitable material selections for furniture and furnishings, artwork, lighting and window coverings.


It depends on how individual company charge and it is not necessarily interior decorator service is more affordable than interior design or vice versa. If you already have a well-designed workspace but looking to renew the dated look, interior decoration services may be your choice. Alternatively, get another quote from an interior design firm to compare what each of them offer and get the best bang for your bucks.

However, if structural change of office is what you need, contact us for a non-obligatory enquiry.

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