Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces

BCA-HPB Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces
The 5 key sections of Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces (2018).

Green Mark for Healthier Workplaces (2018) will better guide companies through the thought process of space selection and office design, operation and maintenance, as well as occupant engagement and empowerment.

The 5 Key Sections

Sustainable Design and Management

    • Base building selection
    • Integrative design
    • Management commitment and employee engagement

Energy and Resource Management

    • Air-conditioning, lighting and plug loads
    • Water
    • Waste

Office Environment

Workplace Health and Well-Being

    • Mental well-being
    • Smoking cessation
    • Healthier eating and physical activity

Advanced Green and Health Features

    • Health promotion
    • Renewable energy
    • Smart office

Click here for a copy of Small Steps Lead to Big Changes in Green Workplaces by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Health Promotion Board (HPB).

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