Epidemic Readiness in Workspace and Office

Epidemic Readiness in Workspace and Office
Epidemic Readiness in Workspace and Office

While a business strives to sustain and making a profit for growth, it is also exposed to various types of risk which is out of its control. A few examples are operational, economical, political and biological risk.

In view of more diverse and frequent outbreaks of diseases and infections, business needs to better prepared itself to the pandemic/epidemic threats that might jeopardize its continuity in an extremely short period of time.

A business experiences the impacts of an outbreak through its employees, suppliers and customers. Financial losses can arise because of workplace absence (quarantine order, leave of absence, Stay-Home Notice and medical leave), increased healthcare cost, disruption to business operation, supply chain disruptions, border closure and reduced customer’s footfall.

In order to tackle the biological threat, we can deploy 5 levels of controls, namely elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The 5 Levels of Control

Elimination is done through suppressing the reproduction of pathogens, inhibiting cell-wall synthesis and obstruct the activity level of the pathogens. This is the most effective control measures.

Substitution is done through reducing the chance of spreading of diseases with the use of operational surveillance system and technology (robot, CCTV, video conference, drone, self-driving vehicle).

Engineering controls is through designing and build the capabilities of the first entry point in the workplace for defense against diseases and infections.

Administrative controls is through company control policy such as roster/flexible working arrangement, temperature taking exercise, health and travel declaration.

PPE is through wearing a protective clothing, helmet, goggles, mask or other garments/equipment designed to protect the wearer from infections. This is the least effective control measures.

Contagious diseases/infections can transmit through 3 forms of medium. They are liquid, gas and solid. We are working with our partners in tackling the threat with the use of eco-friendly technology and products. Approach we use to sanitize an existing space where business is already on going is very different from a workplace where it is completely new/under renovation. We can help you to minimize business disruption while achieving a safe workspace sanitization, 24/7, without going through a thorough cleaning process that might involve costly manpower costs.

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