Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore’s (CPAS) Day Out

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We were glad to be part of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) volunteers assisting children with special needs to tour around Garden By The Bay. We felt that we have gained more than what we have rendered. We have learned throughout the journey from social workers, transportation service providers and children. We were thankful to be offered the opportunity to contribute back to the society.

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NKF Cherished Moments

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“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you”
– Misty Copeland –
American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre

Nothing is more joyous than having a group of like-minded business people who were keen to be part of NKF (The National Kidney Foundation) Cherished Moments volunteers. We enjoyed the support we have from each other while participating in NKF Cherished Moments. It was an event full of laughter, gratitude and gratification. You guys are awesome! 👏🏻

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The Disability Is Not the Problem

Prof. Mohamed Jemni delivering speech at TED.“The disability is not the problem, the accessibility is the problem”.
This quotation by Prof. Mohamed Jemni is so heartfelt.

It all begins with design, in all aspects, that we need to incorporate great sense of empathy so people with a diverse backgrounds, abilities and disabilities can uplift their life through the use of technology and accessibility means. Precise personalization for those with special needs can transform impossibility to possibility.

We believe everyone should be given a fair chance to succeed.

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BNI Business Network

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Our Managing Director’s BNI Pinnacle featured presentation week. Congratulation to our lucky prize winner Ms Lisa, Managing Partner from CNPLaw LLP. We would also like to specially say thank you to:
1. (1st person on the left) Mr Ong, Council Member of IFPAS
2. (2nd person from the left) Kenneth, Founder and Lead Copywriter of Pencil Sword
3. (4th person from the left) Anne, Managing Partners of Active Aging LLP – Pressalit Singapore
4. (2nd from the right) Youli, Director from One Centum Pte Ltd
5. (1st on the right) Ms Ho, Director from Maneki Signage

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Invest in the Future of Accessibility, Empower Talents with Disabilities

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The ability of being able to deliver an impressive and clear presentation lies in how well the speaker understands his topic. It was our Managing Director’s (MD) BNI Pinnacle featured presentation week this morning.

Thank you Kenneth for offering your idea of begin our speech with our MD on a wheelchair. We couldn’t agree more that this was so relevant to our topic “Invest in the Future of Accessibility, Empower Talents with Disabilities”.

Thank you both founding partners of Active Aging LLP – Pressalit Singapore, who lent us their wheelchair and attended as our guests. Continue reading “Invest in the Future of Accessibility, Empower Talents with Disabilities”

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