A Part of All, Not Apart from All

BNI Business Network - Managing Director from Klique Design began his speech in a wheelchair.
Our Managing Director was presenting topic about accessibility and inclusivity at BNI Pinnacle business network meeting.

“A Part of All, Not Apart from All”
Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD)

People with disabilities or special needs are part of us. Similarly, this inclusiveness should also apply to the workspace through accessible means and adoptive & assistive technology (AT), where companies can embrace a diverse workforce with different talents.

At Klique Design, we adopt the principle of Universal Design (UD). We want to empower talents with disabilities or special needs through our design and appropriate use of technology. We believe a little adjustment or alteration can also go a long way in creating a more inclusive society. Nothing is considered as too little. We are passionate about creating a safe and user-friendly environment so that no one will be left behind.

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Office for the Millennials

Today's workforce is still old-school, but knows change is coming.Is your office setting ready for the millennials? As a commercial interior designer specializes in technology integration with universal design (UD) principals in mind, we understand how appropriate use of technology and space can facilitate collaboration, improve productivity and inclusiveness effectively. Talk to us to find out more.

Employees are generally happy in their jobs, but as communications and productivity technology advances, they are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with workplace capabilities. Though they still rely on analog equipment like landlines and desktops, they’re ready for a workplace that can accommodate their changing lifestyles.
~ Dell & Intel Future Workforce Study Global Report

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Medical Fair Bangkok 2019

[foogallery id=”3814″]

Medical Fair 2019 in Bangkok. Participating enterprises from around the world such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and many more were showcasing their latest products and services. Appropriate use of assistive technology (#AT) can certainly empower people with special needs and their caregivers to live a better life.

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CPAS Step for a Cause

[foogallery id=”3799″]

We actually have a lot more amazing step records to show. They were all for Step for a Cause Challenge organized by Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) for year 2019!

Have you ever wonder the complex process involves while we are walking? Often, we move about freely everyday without realizing that our body requires well coordination of nerves, muscles, bones and join in order to achieve this sophisticated motion which we always take it for granted. For some people, being able to walk about doesn’t come so naturally and easy. This is the reason why everyone in Klique Design steps forward together for this challenge.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent lifelong condition caused by damage to the developing brain. Individuals may face challenges in learning, communicating and daily living due to the problems with sensation, vision, hearing, swallowing, thinking and reasoning. Continue reading “CPAS Step for a Cause”

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