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Home is where the heart is! Our workspace is the second home to many. With the anxiety of COVID-19 in the air, how do business owners secure their work environment and mitigate the risk of cross contamination to protect their most valuable assets, their employees?

By focusing on only high frequency touch points to prevent cross contamination, KliqueCare disinfection service is the epitome of a healthy workspace. We tackle the psychological concerns as well as the biological risks companies have to deal with.

With the use of 18-patented nano photonic solution, KliqueCare is committed to deliver an effective and yet affordable disinfection/safe control measure! We are using cutting edge technology with anti-viral efficacy of up to 99.99%.


Anti-viral, bacterial, mildew (mould) of up to 99.99% and anti-VOC (volatile organic compound)

Enterovirus (HFMD), H1N1, Respiratory Syncytial Virus

TB germs, E. coli (food contaminiation/poisoning), Staphylococcus aureus (skin/respiratory infection/food poisoning), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (infections in the blood, lungs [pneumonia]), Legionella pneumophila BCRC16054, MRSA (superbug), Candida albicans, Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica

Mildew (mould)
Aspergillus niger (food contamination), Penicillium pinophilum (fungus), Chaetomium globosum, Gliocladium virens, Aureobasidium pullulans (humidifier lung)

The anti-microbial feature in  NanoEcoShield™ is achieved via the following:
a) Inhibiting the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids (ie. suppresses reproduction)
b) Inhibiting cell-wall synthesis (ie. without an intact cell-wall, pathogens would
rupture and die due to osmotic stress)
c) Inhibiting enzyme activities (ie. blocks the ‘activity level’ of the pathogen,
eventually leading to it’s death)

It has excellent anti-microbial results even without the need for direct exposure to sunlight. Because of its anti-microbial properties, it can deodorize odor.

With its VOC reduction attribute, by applying the solution to an area of 200sqm, it is equivalent to planting of 25 poplar trees.

18 Patents Held Globally

    • Taiwan x 11
    • China x 4
    • Germany x 1
    • Japan x 1
    • USA x 1

Our Certifications

NanoEcoShield Certifications

Our Test Reports

Application Demonstration

Hardware typesCladding tiles, walls and floorsSanitary waresClimatory-control, air-exchange unitsGlass partition and windowsLighting sources and fixtures
Examples (incl. but not limited to)Marble, ceramicMarble, ceramic, metallic, plasticAir vents, air filters, air purifiers
Anti-viral and bacterialYesYesYesYesYes
      • Frequently Ask Questions

        High frequency touch point refers to area where contact is frequent such as desk/countertop, switch, lift button, pantry and handle.
        It contains Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), silver (Ag) and deionized water (DI water).
        Yes. We hold 18 patents across 3 continents with certifications and test reports from independent institutes. It is a colourless, anti-reflective nano coat with titanium dioxide as its primary mineral. Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a naturally occurring oxide and is safe for humans and the environment during it’s production, application and final use. TiO2 as a ‘base ingredient’ material had been approved for use by the US FDA. For your ease of mind, we had also taken the initiative of having our product separately tested & certified by the US FDA for commercial sale & use.
        It can last for up to 6 months subject to abrasion level.
        Yes, you can do so by spraying a very thin layer of the solution on areas you want to disinfect using a spraying bottle. The surface you want to spray on should be clean, dry and free of debris. After spraying, wait for the surface to dry before resuming your operation. Check out our video tutorial here.
        Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is emitted as gases from certain solid and liquids that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Its high vapor pressure results from a low boiling point, thus resulting in continuous and prolonged emissions. Concentration of VOC is consistently higher indoors compared to outdoors (usually by 2~5 times but concentration as high as 10 times have been recorded). VOC has a critical role in today’s environmental problems due to their persistence and accumulation in the environment. Some VOC, especially those of high molecular weight, resists oxidation processes and are transported over long distances, powering the global greenhouse effect. There is a need to control VOC emissions to reduce Ground-Level Ozone formation. Ozone is largely created by a photochemical reaction between nitrogen oxides (NOx) and VOCs in the presence of sunlight.
        It can withstand operating environments from -20 to 500 degree celsius and has superior bonding and abrasion resistant properties. Besides applying on surfaces, it also has other forms of usage such as applying on our skin or pet. If you are interested to know more, please contact us for a non-obligatory consultation.

Our Clients

Please access this link for our list of clients who have engaged us for this service.

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