Keep Calm and Stay Healthy at the Workspace

Once in every 4 months’ time, it will be our Director’s BNI Featured Presentation. This time around, we were bringing a brand new topic, Keep Calm and Stay Healthy at the Workspace, which combined interior design and infection control measures for workplace to ensure the health and wellbeing of a business’s most valuable assets, the employees are protected.

The Transcript of Presentation:

The Anxiety of Going Back to Work

We are at the phase two of the re-opening. What we are very concern now is whether our office is clean, are our colleagues practicing good personal hygiene and whether ourselves will be infected with COVID-19.

When we are entering a lift, we are wondering whether we shall use our elbow to push the buttons. We might get paranoid when our colleague is using our phone. And the worst is we are seeing colleague sneezing at the pantry. This is what we call cross-contamination. It happens most frequently at what we call high frequency touch points. So what is high frequency touch points in an office environment? They include counter, armrest, door access system, remote control and printer area.

The Hierarchy of Hazards Control

How should we control this (cross-contamination)? If you understand the risk assessment for the hierarchy of control, this is how we control some hazard. But in a pandemic perspective, I do not think we can eliminate COVID-19 until a vaccine is found. The best option at this moment that we can offer are engineering controls. What are engineering controls? Generally it is about designing a space so that we can control the hazard. Control measures like temperature scanning station, hand sanitizer and even our nano photonic coating (KliqueCare NanoEcoShield™) can help to protect the space.

The administrative controls are measures such as SafeEntry, contact tracing and staggered work hour. Last but not least, the PPE (personal protective equipment). Mask, gloves, face shield, these are all PPE.

KliqueCare NanoEcoShield™

What we want to emphasis is the engineering controls because it is the best solution we have now and it is about designing and building an environment to contain the pathogens. So what we have is KliqueCare NanoEcoShield™. This is the service (product) that we are introducing in protecting high touch points. It has 18 patents around the world. What does it do? It actually breakdowns the pathogens at their molecular level. It removes bacteria such as MRSA (superbug), viruses such as HFMD, H1N1 and even mould/mildew. The best thing is that we have the Microbac Laboratories‘s report in Jun 2020. It has 99.9% efficacy of breaking down SARS-associated Coronavirus. So this is the proven solution. And I believe in Singapore, we are the only one that have the certificate from Microbac Laboratories. Besides, we have certificate from Singapore Green Building Council and other certifications from some other countries. You might wonder, with such a solution (coated on surfaces), is it safe for human? We have passed these toxicity tests and it is safe even for new born.

Some clients who are using NanoEcoShield™ are Taiwan International Airport and Taiwan Railway. And very importantly, in China, Sino Pharm (is one of the users). Sino Pharm is what they call (国药). It is a national pharmaceutical company owned by the China government. They are using this technology as well.

Our Pricing

We did a value proposition chart and compared to some of the competitors in the market. We understand that in term of patents and certifications we are already leading them. For durability and operational disruption we are quite similar but interestingly our price is the lower one. That is because they do not do anything less than $1,000 in any workspace but that is something that we take. So our price point is something that is attractive, we have very good patent and certification. We are looking for commercial or SME (small medium enterprise) owners who are looking for cost effective way to protect their workspace.

We are providing bronze package for only $535. Our solution can last for 6 months. So effectively it is lesser than $100 a month. And we are throwing free credit and masks from Will & Well.

Closing Remarks

Last but not least, (as Peter Sands, Research Fellow from Harvard Global Health Institute quoted) outbreaks of infectious disease many be inevitable, but the economic damage they cause is not.

Our perfect referral are property agent, facility management company, interior design company, cleaning company, and places that have very high foot hold such as tuition centre, enrichment centre, clinic, childcare centre, MCST and gym.

With this I end my presentation. More importantly, Singapore 加油 (make an all-out effort), together we can get over this.

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