Enabling EDIE by Alzheimer’s Disease Association ADA

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Thanks to Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) for conducting this programme of learning – Enabling EDIE. We were grateful to participate in this programme which is only available in Australia, Canada and Singapore.

In the class, we experienced how a dementia patient perceived the world with visual reality. It enabled us to feel the challenges they are facing and thus creating a supportive environment to engage, enable and empower them.

This programme simulated Edie, a dementia patient, waking up in the middle of the night and finding his way to the bathroom.

We were experiencing how Edie felt before and after a supportive change in the house (environment) he was living in. And how his wife’s quality of sleep was subsequently improved.

After completing this program, we understand that living with a dementia patient is not merely about looking after them. It also covers creating a user-friendly environment to re-enable and empower them to live independently. A small renovation to the home such as putting up appropriate signboards, using a different door colour for the bathroom and installing simple technological aids can positively change the way persons with special needs live. Helping them re-gaining sense of purpose and keeping them engaging in daily activity can certainly benefits them emotionally and physically.

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