Colours Easily Perceived by the Elderly

Colours easily perceived by the elderlyColours which are easily perceived by the elderly:
1. Yellow
2. Beige
3. Peach
4. Coral
5. Clay
6. Orange
7. Aqua
8. Pink
9. Green
10. Brown

While ensuring our environment utilizes colours that can be easily perceived by elderly as listed above, we shall also avoid using certain colours, patterns and motifs that can cause confusion.

Older People and Colours

“Becoming old can bring about a sense of loneliness and fear so decorating with the elderly in mind needs to address warmth, security and harmony.”

“Softer shades of reds and oranges are warming and can help with circulation and energy levels. Peaches, apricots, warm tans, terracottas and pinks can also be used for this purpose. Soft blues, lavender mauves and violets are colours that connect to the spiritual or reflective mood. Studies carried out in nursing/rest homes indicate that soft pinky-beiges contrasted with soft blue/greens are emotionally supporting, physically nourishing and mentally soothing and peaceful.”

Information collated by Carolyn Atkinson, Resene Colour Consultant, 2004.

Source: SingHealth

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